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Note from Bruce E. Walkup: 

Would you like to know, as I do, if you are indeed directly related to other Wauchopes of various spellings around the globe?  I first learned through an article in the SEP/OCT 2003 issue of "The Highlander" magazine that this knowledge was now within our grasp.  I subsequently commenced a Wauchope Surname DNA Project through the company Family Tree DNA.  The cost for such a Y-DNA study is a few hundred dollars US.  The test requires a simple swabbing of the inside cheek.  Turn around time for results is about 6 weeks, but usually less.  We each retain ownership of our own DNA.  The company preserves the DNA for 25 years for your exclusive use.  I have volunteered to be one of the required group administrators.  Detailed results, as only authorized by you, are tracked and analyzed at Wauchope/Walkup Surname - Family Tree DNA Project.   I submitted my DNA sample as a genetic representative for the Joseph Vachub/Walkup line mentioned below.  I have also identified at least the following modern male lines to be represented in the study:

 Wauchope of Niddrie, Midlothian (Edinburgshire), Scotland, also including -
     Capt. Robert Andrew Wauch(ope) in Australia in 1836
     Capt. John Wauchope in Australia in 1839
 Wauchope/Wahab of Ulster [we have had no male representatives of this line test, excluding ancestors of those that emigrated to the USA]
 Wauchope of US/Canada
 Wauchob of Ulster
 George Walkup of Massachusetts (c. 1698) [turns out there is a genetic connection between them and the Waughs of Dumfriesshire]
 John Waughop of Maryland (c. 1653) [we have had no male representatives of this line test]
 Wahab of Hatteras Banks, North Carolina
 Wachob of Pennsylvania (John and James)
 Wachob of Florida (Joseph)
 Walkup of England [we have had no male representatives of this line test]
 Purported sons of Samuel and Nancy Wauchope of Ulster (c. 1724) - 
    Joseph Vachub/Walkup (d. Feb. 6, 1787 in Rockbridge County, Virginia)
    James Alexander Waughop/Walkup (d. Feb. 1, 1798 in Union County, North Carolina)
    Arthur Walkup (d. 1834 Lexington, Virginia)
Others, including -
    Waff (northern England variant of Waugh)
    Waugh of Dumfriesshire, Scotland
    Waugh of Roxburghshire, Scotland

If you are seriously interested in committing your resources (i.e., money and DNA sample) to this endeavor join us here.

Though not the main focus of this project, females are welcome to join in the fun via mtDNA (mitochondrial) or autosomal (Family Finder) testing.


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