June 2001 Trip to Scotland

Note from Bruce E. Walkup:  My father Wm. Ralph, brother Dave and I finally made our "once in a lifetime" trip to Scotland June 3-14, 2001.  Our delightful hosts were Bob and Brenda Kucharzewski (both now passed).  Included below are a selection of photos that I took on our journey.  Enjoy...

  1. Robert the Bruce Memorial at Bannockburn  June 5, 2001 - L to R:  David, Bruce and Ralph Walkup.
  2. Malcolm's Tower  June 5, 2001 - Ruins of tower near Dunfermline Abbey where King Malcolm III, Canmore, first resided (refer to picture of nearby plaque and sketch of tower).  Presumably the knight who became the first Wauchope stayed there on occasion, circa 1062.
  3. Tomb of King Robert the Bruce in Dunfermline Abbey  June 5, 2001 - The inspiration for Bruce E. Walkup's first name, or so thought by him.  As it turns out the author is a direct descendant of the Bruce via immigrant Nancy Agnes Alexander, wife of Samuel Wauchope.
  4. Foxhall  June 6, 2001 - Estate near Edinburgh airport once owned by Robert Wauch who broke from the Niddrie Wauchope family, and after whom Wauchope NSW, Australia is named.  43rd U.S. President George W. Bush, as a lad of thirteen, spent part of August of 1959 at the estate with the then current owners.  The major portion of the estate is a wholesale nursery.
  5. Hoof-n-mouth sign outside Foxhall Nursery  June 6, 2001 - Walkers must dip, but Walkups were exempted?
  6. Niddrie-Merschell Cemetery  June 6, 2001 - Note defaced and toppled stones.  Reportedly, the local council had the stones toppled on purpose to dissuade vandals. 
  7. Niddrie-Mershell Cemetery (#2) June 6, 2001 - View featuring large stone in center dedicated to the memory of Major-General Andrew Gilbert Wauchope.
  8. Niddrie-Merschell Pavilion (right side and rear view)  June 6, 2001 - Note trash and proximity to government housing project.  The pavilion (a.k.a. tombhouse or vault) was built in 1735.  The interior incorporates some fragments of the Wauchope's earlier Chapel to the Virgin Mary, built in 1502.
  9. Niddrie-Merschell Pavilion (front view)  June 6, 2001 - Note graffiti and vandalism.  The shield above the door is that of Wauchope of Niddrie-Merschell.  Below the shield is the ancient family motto of "Industria Ditat."  Above the shield is the Latin inscription "Parta Tuere" which is the forsaken plea to "make effort to watch over."  How the pavilion once looked back in 1980 may be seen here.
  10. Cakemuir Castle of Edinburghshire  June 6, 2001 - The current owners of this ancient Wauchope stronghold have opened the 2 acres of formal gardens to the public on an extremely limited basis for charitable donations.
  11. Wauchope of Cakemuir Shield   June 6, 2001 - Shield located on the left side of Cakemuir Castle is clearly Wauchope of Niddrie-Merschell with a chevron for a difference.
  12. Melrose Abbey  June 7, 2001 - Resting place of the heart of Robert the Bruce.
  13. Wauchope Cottages  June 7, 2001 - Present day rental units (cottages off left side of the photo) on the site of the former Wauchope Wolfelee of Roxburghshire seat.  The marker on the left commemorates the later home of Elizabeth Scott, whom the famed poet Robert Burns visited on May 10, 1787.  The site of Wauchope Tower of the Turnbulls was just up the path a bit.  (Sadly, due to the hoof-n-mouth quarantine we were not allowed up there.)
  14. Wauchope Burn of Roxburghshire  June 7, 2001 - View looking north, just downhill from Wolfelee.
  15. Wauchope Forest of Roxburghshire  June 7, 2001 - View looking east.  Note recent harvest of trees to the immediate right of photo.
  16. Possible former Wauchope lands of Dumfriesshire  June 7, 2001 - Lands (between rivers Esk on left and Ewes on right, extending northward) later held by the Glendonyn family by marriage.
  17. Wauchope Water of Dumfriesshire  June 7, 2001 - View looking west, near the former site of Wauchope Castle (constructed by Lindsay family, circa 1285).
  18. Lockerbie Garden Memorial June 7, 2001 - In commemoration of the 270 victims of the cowardly terrorist bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 of December 21, 1988.
  19. Grave of the legendary Rob Roy MacGregor   June 8, 2001
  20. Major-General Andrew Gilbert Wauchope display at Black Watch Museum in Perth  June 8, 2001 - (Excuse the glare through the glass.)
  21. Crannog of Leys  June 9, 2001 - Site of presumed Wauchope fortalice in the Loch of Leys (clump of trees in center of now filled lake).  The land was ceded to the Burnett family by Robert the Bruce for their support against the Cummins and Wauchopes.
  22. River Dee from atop Camphill of Culter  June 10, 2001 - View of Dee River from present-day children's home occupying the site of ancient fortifications.
  23. Culloden Cairn  June 11, 2001 - In commemoration of the battle of Culloden near Inverness of April 16, 1746, between the rebel forces of Charles Edward Stuart (a.k.a. Bonnie Prince Charlie) and those of the victorious King George II of England.
  24. Castle Stuart  June 11, 2001 - Castle constructed by James, brother of Mary Queen of Scots, where we stayed one night.  Unfortunately, it appears that the castle itself is no longer available booking, but there is now an impressive golf course and lodge on the property (for more information refer to www.castlestuartgolf.com).
  25. Loch Ness Monster  June 12, 2001 - Actual photo of elusive Nessie?  (Bruce is still awaiting the multi-million pound reward.)
  26. Holyrood Abbey and Palace  June 13, 2001
  27. Hello... Prince Charles?  June 13, 2001 - Phone call taken by Bruce in front of Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh literally moments after Prince Charles' motorcade departed.  (This story is true except for the part about the phone call.  The Rampant Lion was flying on the Palace and the motorcade did pass by.)
  28. Why yes, high tea would be exquisite, your majesty  June 13, 2001 - Dave continues phone conversation.
  29. Edinburgh Castle  June 13, 2001


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