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Note from Bruce E. Walkup:  Included below are a selection of a few photos mostly that I did not take, but wished I had.  I intend to add to these over time as people send them to me.  Enjoy...

  1. Stained glass window at Liberton Kirk  August 2006 - Note dedication to the memory of Maj. Gen. Andrew Gilbert Wauchope at the bottom and the Wauchope of Niddrie-Merschell shield with newer ''Sta Promissis'' motto at the top (photo courtesy of Nich Wauchope of Australia).
  2. Niddrie-Merschell Pavilion  1980 - Note how the pavilion once looked prior to Bruce's (along with his father and younger brother Dave) trip of June 2001 (photo courtesy of Andy Wanstall of Scotland).
  3. Wauchope Water of Dumfriesshire  Circa mid 1990s - Namesake river as it winds through the town of Langholm (photo taken by a youthful Ray Walkup on his first visit to Scotland).
  4. Watercolor Painting of Bridge over Wauchope Water near Langholm of Dumfriesshire, Circa 1940s - Purchased by Bruce on eBay in April 2019.  During their June 2001 trip to Scotland Bruce's party stood upon this very bridge.  Painted by artist Allan Furniss (1883-1942).  Born at Leeds, Yorkshire, he eventually emigrated to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  During ,WWI, he enlisted in the 83rd Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force.  He is buried at Regina Cemetery.
  5. Door Knocker of George Armstrong Wauchope  Circa 1900 - Door knocker from the home of the late professor and writer George Armstrong Wauchope (great grandson of Arthur Wauchope/Walkup of Virginia), as graciously gifted by his granddaughter Betsy to Bruce in August 2011 (photo courtesy of the author).  Bruce promised that the door knocker would be installed one day on the front door of a new 'Wauchope House'.
  6. Sir Arthur Grenfell Wauchope  Circa 1930s - (Son of David Baird Wauchope and Helen Anne Mure of Edinburgh, Scotland) High Commissioner and Commander-in-Chief for Palestine and Trans-Jordan 1931-1938 (photo courtesy of Uri Zackhem).


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