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Note from Bruce E. Walkup:  Included below are a selection of a few photos mostly that I did not take, but wished I had.  I intend to add to these over time.  Enjoy...

  1. Stained glass window at Liberton Kirk  August 2006 - Note dedication to the memory of Maj. Gen. Andrew Gilbert Wauchope at the bottom and the Wauchope of Niddrie-Merschell shield with newer Sta Promissis motto at the top (photo courtesy of Nich Wauchope of Australia).
  2. Niddrie-Merschell Pavilion  1980 - Note how the pavilion once looked prior to Bruce’s trip of June 2001 (photo courtesy of Andy Wanstall of Scotland).
  3. Wauchope Water of Dumfriesshire  Circa mid 1990s - Namesake river as it winds through the town of Langholm (photo taken by a youthful Ray Walkup on his first visit to Scotland).
  4. Door Knocker of George Armstrong Wauchope  Circa 1900 - Door knocker from the home of the late professor and writer George Armstrong Wauchope (great grandson of Arthur Wauchope/Walkup of Virginia), as graciously gifted by his granddaughter Betsy to this website author in August 2011 (photo courtesy of the author).
  5. Sir Arthur Grenfell Wauchope  Circa 1930s - (Son of David Baird Wauchope and Helen Anne Mure of Edinburgh, Scotland) High Commissioner and Commander-in-Chief for Palestine and Trans-Jordan 1931-1938 (photo courtesy of Uri Zackhem).


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