Selected Shields

James Walkup Shield

James Walkup of the Waxhaws

North Carolina, USA

(As found upon his tombstone)

(Coloration Not Confirmed)

Wauchope of Ulster

Robert Wauchope


(Coloration Not Confirmed)

Wauchope of Niddrie Shield

Wauchope of Niddrie-Merschell

Midlothian, Scotland

Wauchope of Edmonstone Shield

Wauchope of Edmonstone1

Midlothian, Scotland

Waugh of Larkhall Shield

Waugh of Larkhall

Roxburghshire, Scotland

Wauch or Waugh Shield

Wauch or Waugh

(Specific UK Location Unknown)

Waugh of Scattergate Shield

Waugh of Scattergate

Cumberland, England

Baa of Bedfordshire Shield


Bedfordshire, England

Baugh of Gloucestershire Shield


Gloucestershire, England

Baugh of Pensham Shield

Baugh of Pensham

Gloucestershire, England

Warcop Shield (voided cross)


(Specific UK Location Unknown)

Warcop Shield #1


(Specific UK Location Unknown)

Warcop Shield #2


(Specific UK Location Unknown)

Warcop of York Shield


York, England

Bruce of Brix Shield

Bruce (Brus)

Chatellenie de Brix

Normandy, France

Lindsay Shield


(Specific UK Location Unknown)

Lindsay of Wauchopedale Shield

Lindsay of Wauchopedale

Dumfriesshire, Scotland

Lindsay of Ireland Shield




1.  The crescent in the Wauchope of Edmonstone shield was likely copied from the Edmonstone arms, which were the same as the Seton family from whom they presumably sprang, that being "Or, three crescents gules."

2.  The huge preponderance of heraldic crosses is owed to the Crusades (1095-abt. 1300).  This particular Warcop likely was rewarded this design for his participation in a Crusade to the Holy Land.

3.  In heraldry the covered cup was representative of the office of the king's butler.  English Kings Edward I, Longshanks (1272-1307), and Edward II (1307-1327) both frequented nearby Brough Castle when travelling between York and Carlisle.  It is possible the Warcops were indeed butlers to the king, or the cup may well be a play on "cup" in Warcup, as the Normans were want to do.


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